PRICES in Sofia

Price per kilometer: 2 leva, the distance is measured from the clients car

We work seden days all around the clock.

Starting price: None­

Calling price: None

Price per km for all new customers with reservation hour is 1,3lv

The minumum price is 10lv.

The price per kilometar from 06:00AM till 9:00PM is 2,50lv.

Free waiting till 10 minutes, then 0.50 lev/minute

Party with Drink and drive G


tel. 0886 980 660


And leave the rest to us...


Drink and Drive Group

DRINK AND DRIVE SOFIA at tel. 0886 980 660 and we work non stop. Our prices are starting from 1,3lv./km. We offer 24 HOUR DELIVERIES, cheap price, high quality and plenty of services, different than drink and drive at the best prices and we have the most qualified drivers. 

Celebrate and leave the driving to us!